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Hair transplant is a new and effective treatment for balding people. It is the best treatment for getting hair style that is destroyed through hair loss, hair thinning, or bald…

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Natural hairs that we have on our head and face are quite important for our physical appearance and aesthetical beauty. The hairs could not be replaced by hair pieces that…

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There are several causes of hair loss in men and women, I would like to share some of these here.  Hypothyroidism: Low production of thyroid in our thyroid gland Anemia:…

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Hair loss or alopecia can be prevented through knowing the exact reason linked to it. Medical test reports could reveal the reason which may be associated with your hair loss.…

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An individual facing hair loss that ultimately developed into baldness on his/her head is taken in Operation Theatre (OT) for graft collection first. His/her hairs are shaved leaving only one…

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