Hair grafts are generally live and active roots of hairs. These grafts are taken from Donor Parts that bear ample number of hairs. The grafts contain 1 to 2 mm long hair with 1 or 1 to 6 hair roots. Hence a hair graft may produce at least 1 or 1 to 6 hairs. Moreover other person’s hair grafts cannot be transplanted nowadays due to immune system’s résistance. A person’s individual immune system does not accept hair grafts donated by other person. It is however possible through medicines that should be consumed for life time.


Donor areas are the zones that bear sufficient natural hairs for collection of required number of grafts. Such areas are usually located on back and sides of scalp and these are baldness resistant zones. If a person does not contain donor parts on posterior head then such areas are decided on other parts of body by a hair transplant surgeon. A donor area may be present on posterior head, chest, shoulder, legs and back of a person. These are termed as donor areas because they donate hair grafts.


Recipient areas are those small, medium or big sized skin areas that generally show hair loss or baldness. These areas may be present on hairstyles supporting skin of an individual including head and face. Skin on head, eyebrow, eyelash, beard, or mustache may contain such zones. Injuries, cuts, and scars that show hair loss also come under such areas. These parts need hair transplantation only; however, some of these require both hair transplantation and plastic surgery.  These zones are very little in size if they are present on eyelash or eyebrow. The biggest such areas are found on head of balding people. To give natural look to hair transplant, generally 40 to 50 hair grafts taken from DONOR AREAS are transplanted in 1cm square area or such zone. These areas with angles are marked before each hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Hair transplantation requires proper attention of a surgeon during the minor surgery that involves implementation of precious hair punches for collection of the grafts first.

Plantation of the grafts at recipient parts with minute blades at suitable angles is then completes a procedure of the surgery. This job can only be performed by an experienced and qualified hair transplant surgeon. A team of hair transplant professionals and the surgeon have to mark the donor parts and recipient parts on body or head of a person that needs hair transplant. The surgeon generally marks the donor and recipient parts and collects the grafts and transplants them during the surgical process with other member of the team. Experience of a good surgeon always provides good results to the surgery including its volume and appearance. Dr. Devinderjit Singh Walia MD is the best Hair transplant surgeon in Ludhiana that has been providing best results of the procedures in Ludhiana India. He applies similar technique to the procedure as he did during his training period in Colorado USA. His clients get best hairstyles that face baldness and hair loss.

Hair Transplant surgery: Before starting a hair transplant surgery, local anesthesia is applied on a person. Graft collection is first achieved by the surgeon then its transplantation is achieved. The surgery takes 4 to 5 hairs on an average. Second session of it is generally required if a person needs transplantation of more than 4000 hair grafts generally for treating baldness.

About hair Transplantation in India

Hair transplantation is an advanced medical technique that is applied for transplant of live and active hair roots onto bald areas (RECIPIENT AREA). The technique is proved to be quite successful for hair restoration of natural hairs nowadays after serious baldness. The roots show normal activities as these do in the areas where they are extracted from (DONOR AREA). The transplanted hairs have same characteristics similar to the natural ones including their growing capacity, texture, and color as well. These hairs can be styled, colored, and trimmed as you do with your normal natural hairs. Even after its tonsuring it attains growth and provides sufficient volume of hairs. These hair roots, known as HAIR GRAFTS, are generally baldness resistant. These grafts are generally present on posterior parts of human head or scalp. In case, if there is lack of hairs on these parts for collection of the roots, the grafts can be extracted from hairs present on other body parts of the individual including beard, shoulders, legs, arms or chest.

The patient showed ‘Norwood Scale class 5 baldness’ type

He was showing considerable baldness around a tuft of hairs on his crown. His follicular hair transplant had developed significant coverage of natural hairs on his head. After five months, he was looking very happy with recovering his perfect hairstyle, as you see in his last snaps.  Around 4800 grafts were transplanted by Dr. DS Walia and team for providing the patient a perfect masculine hairstyle.


A guy came to Walia Hospital with completely missing first his hairline.

His top was seriously affected with hair thinning too. He was quite depressed with his incomplete hairstyle.  We heard his hair loss story and found that he was interested in getting hair transplant done on him by us. We transplanted around 6500 hair grafts during two sessions. The guy had got full confidence and happiness too as shown in his digital images with his fully developed hairstyle after four months of his surgery. He showed great satisfaction over recovering his hairstyle.


A young man was showing ‘Traction alopecia’ or hair loss due to continuous pull on his hairs

This damaged his front hairline and hair angles significantly as you see in his earlier photographs.  FUE hair transplant done by Dr. D. S. Walia MD and his surgeons’ team is shown through different views of his next pictures. His photographs after six months are showing perfect hair restoration on his front head with pleasant hairstyle and complete hairline. The guy has attained great confidence as you see comparing his earlier and last photographs.



Hair transplant cost

Hair transplant is a new and effective treatment for balding people. It is the best treatment for getting hair style that is destroyed through hair loss, hair thinning, or bald spots. The cost of hair transplant varies slightly in country to country and city to city. It is considered before each procedure hair transplant is done. Several emails and telephone call are made to know the hair transplant cost, however, the actual cost is quoted after seeing the hair loss in person or in images of a person. Hair transplant cost is considered on following factors.

1. What type of procedure you choose for you to be done out of FUT or FUE
2. Number of hair grafts that are required to treat your baldness
3. The running cost of the surgery at a clinic 

After deciding the cost between hair loss patient and surgeon, a procedure related to the surgery is done.

Hair loss causes in men

Natural hairs that we have on our head and face are quite important for our physical appearance and aesthetical beauty. The hairs could not be replaced by hair pieces that have no growth property. Normal hair loss is a continuous process that is linked with transfer of follicles from their growing phase to resting stage. Hair fall over 50 to 100 hairs, generally from head, is categorized as harmless. Men often show hair thinning to baldness problems as they reach over 40s. They get decreased front hairline and bald spots on their head. Their hair loss is categorized into several patterns of baldness. They suffer from male pattern baldness or MPB.

Main causes of hair loss in men are

• DHT formation in hair follicles is main cause of hair loss in men. It causes miniaturization of the follicles that disappear from special areas and develop bald spots 

• Tight hair style also causes traction alopecia that is very common in men who do braids or corn rows. 

• Stress and trauma to any upcoming major surgery also bring hair loss in men

• Cancer therapy is also harmful for hairstyles and causes sudden hair fall in men

• Infection to scalp skin also linked with hair loss in men

• Medicines against depression, high blood pressure, heart diseases, arthritis, acne treatment etc sometime cause hair loss as their side effect in men 

• Poor nutrition that contains no sufficient amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals

• Lack of daily physical exercises